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Advancing Safety and Automation

Turnkey Safety and Machine Automation Solutions — solving problems and challenges where others draw the line.


Cost effective safety solutions that protect your valuable operators with minimum to no impact on machine throughput.


Axccellus provides the most cost effective, customer centric, and diverse offerings of any contract machine building company.

What sets us apart

Project Management

Custom Solutions

Axccellus will help you design a production line that fits your products with the desired throughput in a floor space that allows for expansion. We always approach our designs from back to front meaning we understand that eventually you will need to maintain and service the machines. This shows in the control platforms we work with, and in the designs we recommend.

Reduced Downtime

Reduced Downtime

Working with a professional, highly capable integrator like Axccellus can reduce change out costs. By designing in the best in class controls you will reduce your down-time, increase your throughput, and make your machines much easier to operate. We will enhance your internal machine design capabilities thus giving you a competitive edge and getting production machines to the floor faster.

We Listen

We Listen

First and foremost, Axccellus will listen! We will come in and give you a complete machine review and provide you with a recommended upgrade solution with budgetary costs. When we work with our customers we approach each project with the customers needs in mind. You tell us what you are looking to do and we will help you get there.

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

Our strategic partnership with world leading manufacturers providing cutting edge products and technologies empowers Axccellus to pay it forward with our solutions that will again create significant value to our customer.

End-to-End Solutions

End-to-End Solutions

From building Custom Machine Automation to Fully Integrated Safety and everything in between, Axccellus provides end to end solutions for your organization. These are key ingredients to your success and Axccellus is uniquely qualified to integrate all of this into our designs.

Flexible Manufacturing

Flexible Manufacturing

We are structured to accommodate your designs onto our production floor and we have created a unique modular manufacturing cell structure that will allow us to change our entire production floor on the fly to accommodate your machines, integration work, custom safety enclosures, and/or customer sub-assemblies.


Creating a company culture of respect, reward, and opportunity, Axccellus has been able to attract from the best and brightest associates in industry. Our professional staff of manufacturing design engineers enables us to provide flexible solutions to extend your company’s value proposition via cost, quality, and throughput. Regardless if you are an OEM, End User, or Systems Integration company, Axccellus is the right solution.


We pride ourselves on our flexibility and creative culture.
We believe that we are in a people business.
We believe it is important to have a transparent approach to how we do business.
We build strong relationships with our customers which is critical to our success.

When we work with our customers we approach each project with the customers needs in mind. You tell us what you are looking to do and we will help you get there.

The Axccellus Edge

We solve problems and challenges others can’t.  We do this by drawing from our experience across multiple disciplines to provide extended service where others draw the line.  Axccellus was founded on the knowledge that we can provide more value-add than is currently available in the market.  Our customers put their trust in us to provide a turnkey product so they can concentrate on their core business.

Our Services

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